The Public Prosecutor’s Office shall represent public prosecution in penal proceedings; it shall also perform other duties, if the law so provides.
The position and the jurisdiction of the Public Prosecutor's Office shall be defined by law.

Constitution of the Czech Republic, Article 80


The Prosecutor General’s Office is the supreme body of the public prosecution service. It is headed by the Prosecutor General, who has three deputies. The seat of the Prosecutor General is in Brno. 


The Prosecutor General’s Office supervises the performance of high public prosecutor’s offices. It deals with complaints against the violation of the law in criminal cases. It issues explanatory positions on concrete application problems in both the criminal and non-criminal areas. It also releases general notices which serve to unify and streamline the procedures of public prosecutors, or to provide for a unified performance of the filing service. Last but not least, the Prosecutor General’s Office plays a major role in securing international judicial cooperation in criminal cases. 


The Prosecutor General’s Office provides the background for the performance of specific powers of the Prosecutor General, such as ordering control over a completed criminal case, abolishment of an unlawful ruling on the suspension of criminal proceedings, or delegation of the case, submission of an appeal to the Supreme Court in criminal cases, taking legal steps to protect public interest or filing proposals to deny paternity.

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