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European Union

European Union is a community of states connected by an intense interest on maintaining peace, stability and economical prosperity... read more


Council of Europe

Council of Europe is an international organization securing cooperation in the area of democracy endorsement and protection of social and human rights and freedoms … read more



Eurojust (Unit of European Union for Judicial Cooperation) is a body securing increased effectiveness of international judicial cooperation in criminal matters between EU member states, in particular in the area of investigation and prosecution of serious cross-border and organized crime … read more


European Judicial Network

European Judicial Network strives to improve judicial cooperation between EU member states, in particular in the area of combating serious crime, by promoting informal direct contact between the authorities concerned … read more



European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) is responsible for protection of financial and economic interests of the EU, combating fraud and corruption, it conducts in particular administrative investigations and therein it cooperates with the competent authorities of EU member states … read more


Consultative Council of European Prosecutors

The Consultative Council of European Prosecutors acts as an advisory body of the Council of Europe Committee of Ministers. The activities of this authority significantly contribute to the implementation of the Recommendation Rec (2000) 19 on the Role of Public Prosecution in the Criminal Justice System and represent the key instrument for conducting activities aimed at establishing the standard of public prosecution and principles of the rule of law … read more.


International Association of Prosecutors

International Association of Prosecutors (IAP) is a non-governmental apolitical organization of public prosecutors, which has undertaken to increase the standards of professional conduct and ethics of public prosecutors throughout the world, to support the rule of law, justice, respecting legal rights and improvement of international cooperation … read more


Other organizations

Overview of other organizations, with which the Public Prosecutor’s Office develops international cooperation, or on the operation of which it participates … read more


Public Prosecutor’s Offices and Ministries of Justice of EU member states

Overview of Public Prosecutor’s Offices and Ministries of Justice of EU member states, including contact details … read more

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